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Submit: The Body Issue

There is much to be said about the body — whether it is a husk to hold the spirit or, as Whitman maintains, it is the spirit. Everything about the body is worthy of consideration — from its mechanics to its uses and its eventual decay. The editors of the 2015 edition of the annual […]

Hear fiction writer C.E. Poverman read from his novel, Love By Drowning. Poverman reads an excerpt titled “Ashore: The State of New York.” 

Reprinted from the Ocean Issue:   In Search of the Great Community: John Dewey, Barack Obama, and the Possibility of a Pragmatist Politics     At the conclusion of The Public and Its Problems, John Dewey looks forward to the transformation of American democracy. In the future, he claims, democratic deliberation should take the form […]

1   Ever since I followed the Oregon Trail west a decade ago, I’ve thought I lived at the edge where the continent ends in ocean. But ninety miles inland is not the edge.   The plants are different there or grow differently in sea-damp air. Not tapering tops of firs but thick, shelving limbs […]